The Easy-to-use YouTube Music Downloader

Do you like the music as we do? There are thousands of music videos in the YouTube website, and it keeps increasing every day. Unfortunately, you can only listen them online, can not download them to your local computer directly. So, is there any way to save your favorite music, and play them with your portable player such as iPod, PSP, ZUNE and cell phone?

It's easy to download the music from YouTube. Please refer to the step by step procedure below.

To continue, please click the button below to download and install the application first:

1. Open YouTube Browser

After you installed the application. Please run it by clicking the desktop shortcut or from programs menu. click the Browser button on the toolbar, the internal YouTube browser will open YouTube website automatically.

Browser Button

2. Select music video you want to download

Click any music video you want to download in the Browser. If you are using the PC version of application, please select the Download this video menu item from the popup menu. If you are using Mac version, the video will be opened directly, please click the Download button on the toolbar of Browser to download it.

Browser download

3. Download music as MP3

In the popup New Task dialog box, please select the radio box of MP3 Music to make sure download the music only. You can also modify other advanced settings such as bitrate or ID3 tags here if you want.

4. Enjoy the music

The application will download the songs you added to the download list automatically.

If you need more help to use the application, please visit our Support Center