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How to download the music from YouTube ?

It's easy to download the music from YouTube. Please refer to the step by step procedure below.

Do you like the music as we do? There are thousands of music videos in the YouTube website, and it keeps increasing every day. Unfortunately, you can only listen them online, can not download them to your local computer directly. So, is there any way to save your favorite music, and play them with your portable player such as iPod, PSP, ZUNE and cell phone?

The answer is Yes, please follow the procedure below to download the music from YouTube.

Step 1
Please click the button below to download the "Download YouTube Music" tool, then install it to your PC.

Download Youtube Music

Step 2
Run the program, click the "Websites" button, and select the "YouTube" in the popup menu. This will open the Internet Explorer Browser and navigate to the YouTube website directly.

Youtube downloader

Step 3
Find the music video you want to download, drag this video link to the drop zone of program (press the left mouse button above the link, hole the button, move the cursor to the drop zone window, then release the left mouse button). If you are using Windows Vista, you may see a confirm dialog box popup as below, please always click the "Allow" button.

Drag music link Select allow under Windows Vista: Allow copy

Or, you can download the music video by copying its URL address (The URL address looks like: as below:

Step 4
The new download window will popup automatically with video address inside. Choose the folder where you want to save the downloaded files, and select the "Save as music file (MP3)", then click the "Add" button. It will be added to the download queue and started automatically. You can now close the YouTube website if you want, you do NOT need to play the whole video in order to download it with this tool.

New youtube music download

Step 5
After download finished, you can find your MP3 files under the folder you have chosen in the Step 4. All the music you have downloaded should be the MP3 format already, which you can play with any music player you want.

Downloading music from youtube

This tool is the most easy-to-use YouTube music downloader. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us at

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