I drag a URL to drop zone, nothing happened, why?

The application only accept the valid YouTube video URL. A valid URL is the URL you find in the address input filed when open a video on your browser. It should look like "". Click here if you want to read more.

How to restore the New Task Dialogbox after I selected hide before?

If you selected the Hide new task dialogbox, it will not pop up when adding a new downloading task. It is very useful if you want to use the default settings for every task. If you plan to change some settings for specified tasks, you need to restore that dialog box. Please click the New button on the toolbar, then, uncheck the Hide dialogbox checkbox.

It failed to download a video, where can I find more detail information about why?

Please click the Settings button on the toolbar, and select the "Log" tab to see the detail reason. We also need this log if you want to contact us for help.

What is the system requirement?

Download YouTube Music supports both Windows and Mac OSX. It works with all version of Windowns on PC, and OSX 10.7 above of Mac.

It doesn't work, help!

According to the experience, this kind of issue always caused by 3 different reasons, and you can normally follow suggestions below to fix them easily by yourself.

  • Ensure you are using the latest version of Download YouTube Music, we recommend you to download and reinstall it from our website
  • If you are using Proxy to access YouTube, please modify the proxy settings in the program by clicking the Settings button.
  • Check if application has been blocked by your firewall settings.
  • Contact us directly to get support

What is YouTube video URL?

URL refer to "Universal Resource Locator", we also call it website address. The YouTube video URL means the address of video you are watching on the YouTube website. It should look like You can get every video URL from the address input field of your web browser when you open a video to watch. Download YouTube Music need this address to know which video you want to download.

How does Download YouTube Music work?

Basically, Download YouTube Music fetch the YouTube webpage according to the YouTube video URL you provided, analysis the content, findout the real location of every video and download it to your computer. But acutally, the application did much more than this, the way to get the real location of every video is very complex and kind of boring, that is why we create this handy tool to help everyone to get what they want without need to know the detail hack tech behind it.

Can I download YouTube video directly without your application?

Well, in theory you can. It requires you to have a lot of programing and computer knowledge and experience. A lot of search, comparation, caculating jobs for just one video. And even you managed to get one video, you have to findout a way to convert it to MP3 or MP4 format, so you can play them as you want. Obviously, Use a tool like Download YouTube Music is the wise solution.

What happened after I placed the order for Pro?

It may take 2 hours to process your order. Then, you will receive an email which contains the user name and license code inside. Please use the user name and license code you received to activate your copy of Download YouTube Music. Please note, you don't need download the application again, just input the user name and license code into the program to activate it.

I lost my license, what should I do?

Please contact us with the email you used to order the program before, we will send the license again.

Can I use it for comercial purpose?

Download YoUTube Music is for personal use only. If you want to use it in comercial purpose, please contact us for the quote.

Is Download YouTube Music Free?

You can download the application for free, after you tried the application, please consider to buy a license if you like it. It will help us to continue to improve the application.


Please feel free to contact us if you need any help or have any questions, suggestions. You can find more about how to contact us here