How to Download YouTube Music on Mac

With Download YouTube Music, you can get your favor music from YouTube as easy as it should be.

Start a new downloading task

Download YouTube Music provides 3 different ways to help you to download music from YouTube easily. Feel free to try them all (as A, B, C below), and find the most convenient way you like.

A. You can drag the URL of YouTube video (the URL looks like from the Safari or other web browser you are using, then, drop to the drop zone of application. If it is a valid YouTube video URL, the application will accept add add it to the downloading list. You can open or close the drop zone by clicking the Drop Zone button on the toolbar, move the drop zone to a more comfortable position by draging it with your mouse.

B. You can also use the internal YouTube browser to view or download the YouTube music easily. To open the internal browser, please click the Browser button on the toolbar of application. The browser will open YouTube website automatically. The Download button on the browser toolbar will be avaliable once you open and play a YouTube video, just click the Download button to download the current video.

C. The application can monitor the system clipboard. Once you copied a YouTube video URL from other place, then click the New button on the toolbar to open the new task dialog box, the application should catch your copied URL automatically, or you can input any YouTube video URL manually.

Modify advanced settings of downloaded MP3 music

Please note, this step is optional. You can safely ignore these advanced settings and let the application to select them automatically. But if you are familiar with MP3 tags or bitrate, you may find this feature is very handy.

You can modify the settings of every downloading task through new task dialog box. It allows you to select whether you want to download the music only or the full video. The music will be saved as MP3 by default, but you can also select the Wav format if you plan to burn them into a CD later. The video format is MP4 which can be played by QuickTime or any other players and devices.

For MP3, you can also click the Advanced button to open the advanced popup panel. You can modify the bitrate of MP3 to blance the file size and quality as your wish, or input the MP3 ID3 tags such as Title, Artist, Album etc. Those ID3 tags will help the MP3 player to display them correctly when playing.

Again, all these settings are optional, you can leave them by default, and the application will select them automatically for you. You can even check the checkbox Don't show this again... at the bottom of new task dialog box, so this dialog box will not pop up when you add a new task next time. And if you want to open this dialog again, just click the New button of application.

If you need more help to use the application, please visit our Support Center